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Muscle Egg




This time we’ve got something special for you. A unique source of protein for your body. It is called Muscle Egg and it is first egg white protein drink in the world that comes in a variety of different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, cake batter, pumpkin spice and many more. If you are tired of protein powders and want one of the best protein sources in nature, then  this product is more than worth taking a look at. Proteins are the key part in building muscle and improving your fitness level and Muscle Egg may be the purest and easiest way of taking it. If you find it interesting take a look at some of its features and ingredients below.

Muscle Egg Benefits

Taking  a sufficient protein is a key factor and a must if you want to maximize your results in the gym or in some other form of physical activity. Another great advantage of Muscle Egg is that the liquid whites it contains can be added to any dish or recipe. This protein drink has a texture smooth as milk due to special homogenization process and everyone can find a perfect taste for them because you have plenty different flavors to choose from.

If you are in search of something different, yet very efficient, this supplement may be the perfect pick for you. Muscle Egg can be a total game changer and it will surely help you increase your performance and stay fit. If you are worried about its safety, you should know it is produced in safe and extremely hygienic facilities that are USDA compliant and the quality of the product doesn’t get any better.

Since its release, Muscle Egg protein drink found its way to the hands of thousands of people, and most of them claim to have seen awesome results.


Muscle Egg Ingredients

With this flavored liquid egg whites you can be sure you are purchasing one of the purest and most natural sources  of protein, as it contains no cholesterol, fat or carbohydrates. Muscle Egg just like any egg whites has 9 essential amino acids for human body and also 3 non-essential amino acids.


Muscle Egg Reviews

“I have tried the muscle egg whites and they tasted awesome. You dont even have to cook them and tasted like chocolate milk. It was a good change up from normal egg whites.”

“Awesome source of protein. Tastes amazing. I devoured my first gallon and will continue to use this product. Get a good strawberry pancake mix (like the one Complete Nutrition sells) and mix with the Strawberry MuscleEggs and you get an AMAZING pancake. “

“It’s like drinking chocolate milk. I have been boiling eggs and peeling them and choking them down to get my egg whites. This stuff is the bomb!! “

“Huh, these white eggs are just something special. I used to prepare egg whites on my own, but after finding out how tastefull MuscleEgg really is I just can’t go back!! Everyone has to try it.. Its crazy how good it is. “

Muscle Egg Conclusion

Muscle Egg liquid egg whites are perfect for anyone wanting to get their source of protein as easy and as fast as it can get. They also contain zero cholesterol, fat and carbohydrates, making this a super drink for anyone wanting to totally maximize their performance and muscle gains. It tastes amazing and with a variety of different flavors, we are sure everyone can find a perfect fit. Although it may seem a bit pricey at first, we believe considering all factors and calculations it is definitely worth buying.

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I’ve used both MuscleEgg and Egg Whites International liquid egg whites. They are comparable; however, I’ve had terrible customer service issued with MuscleEgg.

I missed a 50% off sale my 2 hours, and they were unwilling to give me even a partial discount. I politely emailed them because I order about 16 gallons per year.

They will miss out on over $600 worth of business because they were unwilling to help me save $140.

Egg Whites International ( has better pricing with a great product, and that’s who I will be using now.

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