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Athletes require sufficient amounts of high-quality protein to improve lean muscle mass. Protein fuels our bodies with the amino acids necessary to build lean muscle, recover from exercise, and increase strength. There may be numerous products on the market to choose from but some are low quality, carbohydrate-loaded protein powders that are not ideal for achieving your muscle building and fitness goals.

Proven Whey, a product of  Gaspari Nutrition, is a Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, which means that it is a stripped-down whey protein and is essentially pre-digested. It is packed with 25g of protein, 5.5g of BCAAs with 2.7g of L-Leucine, and zero grams of Lactose. This means you get a more pure, effective, and lower-calorie product compared to other Whey Protein products.

In this review, we will determine the components used in Proven Whey, its possible benefits and side effects, and some customers feedback.


Everyone wants to make the most out of their workouts, especially in terms of building muscle and burning fat. While promoting the release of endorphins, regular exercise takes lots of time and effort, so it’s only natural to aim for optimal results.

Battle Ready Fuel Protein seeks to help in improving those outcomes by offering 90% pure dairy whey, mostly free of carbohydrates, sugar, lactose, and fat. The Battle Ready Fuel line of supplements was created by Ollie Ollerton, a famous ex-member of the UK’s special forces.

This review will look at Battle Ready Fuel Protein’s ingredients, benefits, and potential side effects. It will also go through some customer feedback to help see if the product is legit, considering the plethora of workout supplements that bait customers with fake promises and marketing tricks.


Not all post-workout supplements are created as equal – and choosing the right one is just as important as the workout itself, and the maximum results one can get from it. I didn’t realize this, and fortunately just in time, until a buddy introduced me to Phormula-1, a whey protein isolate powder from 1st Phorm Nutrition.

I must admit though, that not being the average worked-for-him-it-should-work-for-me type of guy. I didn’t grab the first tub off the shelf or click for an online supplement store shipment straightaway. I believe that keeping healthy and fit and getting optimum results from exercise and performance training includes watching out for what goes into my body before, during and after any activity. Mostly, it’s to make sure the supplement really works as a supplement in supporting and enhancing my workout efforts, and not setting me off-track or even suffering a setback.


Rumor has it that many people wanted to see 1st Phorm dwell into vegan-friendly protein supplements, but it seemed as though it will never happen. However, out of the blue, 1st Phorm managed to surprise us all with their recent announcement of Vegan Power Pro – their first-ever vegan protein powder.

Vegan Power Pro by 1st Phorm seems like it’s going to make a storm out there on the market by delivering godlike performance while being gluten-free, GMO-free and, as its name suggests – vegan-friendly.

As you’d come to expect from 1st Phorm, Vegan Power Pro features only the highest quality vegan-friendly protein. This makes it the optimal solution not just for vegans but for virtually anyone looking for a potent protein. Furthermore, lactose intolerant people will also greatly benefit from Vegan Power Pro due to the fact it doesn’t consist of any animal sources of protein.

Vegan Power Pro by 1st Phorm can be used in several ways – for muscle repair, lean muscle growth and even good old pure bulking. How will you use it? Well, that’s up to you… So, if you are interested in what this supplement has to offer, make sure you continue reading and learn all about Vegan Power Pro ingredients, side effects, reviews and plenty more!


When someone mentions supplements, the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is protein. It is one of those products that turned supplementation industry upside down and shown its true lights to the world. Since it has been on the shelves for so long, it is no wonder we have seen it evolve so much. Although we are talking about the same nutrient, people have always found ways to improve it, and make it even more beneficial. The main reason and the foundation for its greatness is the combination of safety and efficiency, which is something most of us look for.

MuscleGen, one of the performance nutrition giants approached the market recently with an innovative formula and it has been nothing but success ever since. Genepro didn’t yet make an impact on the market as some of their other products, but it definitely opened a new door when it comes to protein.


Exercising does have its long-term benefits but when we become regular exercise lovers, the defenses of our immune system actually reduce and thus, it is beneficial to have supplementary glutamine as it can stop us from being more prone to infections. The nitric oxide in our body helps nutrients reach our muscles in an easier way by expanding the muscles and citrulline also gives us the energy to perform our exercises better.

What is Xtend BCAA?

The Scivation Xtend BCAAs is great for people who are constantly working out at the gym and need to give their body enough support for muscle growth. If you need to lose weight and usually tire out easily after a workout or even want to lose weight, this is the right product for you! This product is carbohydrate and sugar-free. As the name suggests, it is also a good source of amino acids because it consists of 7 grams of BCAAs per serving and this product also comes in 16 different flavors.

As we go deeper with this review, we will be able to know the breakdown of ingredients, the user reviews and if there are any possible side effects.