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Phormula1 Product Image

Not all post-workout supplements are created equal – and choosing the right one is just as important as the workout and the maximum results one can get from it. I didn’t realize that. Fortunately, just in time, a buddy introduced me to Phormula-1. A whey protein isolate powder from 1st Phorm Nutrition.

I must admit though, that not being the average worked-for-him-it-should-work-for-me type of guy. I didn’t grab the first tub off the shelf or click for an online supplement store shipment straightaway. I believe that keeping healthy and fit and getting optimum results from exercise and performance training includes watching out for what goes into my body. Before. During and after any activity. Mostly, it’s to make sure the supplement works as a supplement in supporting and enhancing my workout efforts and not setting me off track or even suffering a setback.