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You’ll never hear us say that diets are good for you and that they’re an effective way to lose weight. The truth is, they aren’t healthy and most diets nowadays can cause serious illness and put you at risk of going to the hospital. Some diets have even been known to cause severe damage to health so we can’t exactly say that we agree with this method of weight loss…

…Except with one. Of course, we’re talking about the Keto diet (or Ketosis). This isn’t exactly a diet, per se, since it doesn’t prohibit you some food choices, whilst pushing you for others. The only food you’ll have to give up is junk food and some other items that provide you with virtually no nutrition. But this isn’t just true for the Keto diet; you should generally avoid junk food if you want to lead a healthy life.


It’s true that physical exercise burns stored fat and buffs your muscles up, but is it enough on its own? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t. You will have to combine physical exercise and a healthy diet in order to truly start losing weight (without causing your body harm).

The third component of the weight loss trifecta are supplements. Now, supplements are optional since they just speed up your weight loss progress, but are nonetheless helpful and sought for. They’re a healthy and effective way to reach your goals quicker.

Today, we’ll be reviewing a pAGG Stack (we’ll talk about what pAGG means in a bit) Supplement System from New Health. But first, it’s important to let you know everything there is to know about the ingredients present in this stack.

We all know just how difficult losing weight is, especially if genetics aren’t on your side. Some people take years to get down to their desired weight, whilst others manage it relatively quickly. It all differs from human to human. Fortunately for all, there are multiple ways to lose weight. The most common method that comes to mind is physical exercise.


People have often turned away from supplementation due to bad taste, or a big pill size. For those experiencing these types of products scientist came up with another way of implementing all the ingredients supplement has to offer to your system. By applying a gel mixture directly to a part of your body you can still experience all the potential benefits. Muscle Gelz isn’t the first to come up with this, but they are definitely doing a great job with few of their creations becoming a popular choice for many athletes.

Andro Shred is a topical muscle enhancement gel designed to have an instant impact by directly being absorbed into your body through the bloodstream. It can be extremely effective in increasing metabolism, fat loss, balancing cortisol levels, providing energy, while maintaining lean muscle mass at the same time. It hasn’t been on a market for a long time but still managed to get some positive feedback and attention by top reviewers.


For the time spent among the biggies of the supplementation industry, Condemned Laboratoriez has proved to be one of the best, and has certainly show not to lack any quality despite the lack of experience. It is the brand which listens to its customers, what can be seen through the fact that they have nothing but positive feedback and five-star reviews. Such a thing combined with more than fair product prices is more than enough of a reason to give a chance for the products from their new assortment.

Arsyn, one of their latest and most interesting innovations. This one definitely got our attention, not only because it is a fat burner from which you get clean energy and increased metabolism, but also comes with few other health beneficial properties. Going to the gym and using this fat burner is the right recipe to get rid of extra fat. Made from proved ingredients and strong stimulants, appetite control will be assured just like will the focus be increased and calories burned faster.


For this product to be reviewed today, we will be focusing more on the feminine side of things. When women reach middle life, they start to experience changes in their bodies like mood swings and other physiological changes.

This event signifies another chapter in a woman’s life – the menopausal period.

There are a lot of symptoms that women have to undergo before they reach that important milestone. Gaining weight and decreased metabolism are among those changes. With the aid of this supplement, women of this stage will be able to get through this inevitable stage in their lives with less or no problems at all.


What is High School Genes?

Goop Wellness High School Genes is a dietary supplement that is specifically designed for women in their mid-40s. Its purpose is to help women who are entering the menopausal stage or the ones who are in it already.

Its aim is to make sure that women will have a boost in metabolism but also will be able to drop weight. But still, it depends on the regimen and the intake of the food. Furthermore, in this review, we will be able to know the user reviews, possible side effects, and the key ingredients.


Lipodrene Elite is a strong and rapid weight loss supplement that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals produced and which hit the market recently. It contains a key ingredient Coca Leaves (Erythroxylum Coca Extract) that gives the user appetite suppression and energy benefit.

The leaves of the coca plant contain alkaloids and its leaves are known to be chewed and consumed as tea for thousand years in the high mountain of Abdes. According to studies on coca plant, the leaves of coca plant are completely safe and non-addictive. Coca alkaloids are unique because they have the ability to produce catecholamine. Norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin are classified as catecholamine, norepinephrine affects the way the brain pays attention and response to an event and dopamine is a regulator of movement and emotional responses. Serotonin is known for its ability to elevate your mood and act as an appetite suppressant.

You can expect that Lipodrene elite will give you intense energy, euphoric mood boost, maximum appetite suppression, and quick results.

Lipodrene Elites works by suppressing your appetite and at the same time it boosts your energy level and lessens your cravings determinant. Stifled hunger means you will eat less and with eating less and fewer calories intake there will be less or no fat to store in your maturing body. The good thing is that the fixings should give you enough vitality or energy to deal with your day to day routine with negligible sustenance. Lipodrene Elite makes it unique from other dietary supplements because it is produced from a highly researched combination of premium ingredients.